About Us

My wife and I have developed Nockburra Creek Farm. It was once our home Vineyard and now through trial, innovation, plenty of mistakes and a large helping of “hope this is going to work”, it is now home to Nockburra Creek Farm, Naturally Healthy Mulberries Australia’s largest Mulberry farm. From one tree in our backyard to now growing and distributing Mulberries for a Multitude of uses.

It still fills us with pride and a bit of amazement that we can sit with friends and look over the trees while sipping some Mulberry Gin that’s washing down our Mulberry paste. Or it could be at breakfast with Mulberry jam and a Mulberry mixed berry juice.

Along the way we have developed products of our own and helped many manufacturers trial different products with many making it past the “not sure but we can give a good crack stage”.